General Practice Guidelines



NSRF Project"Guidelines for management of the most common diseases and conditions in primary health care”




Project’s full title: "Development of 13 General Practice Guidelines for the management of the most common diseases and conditions in primary health care”

Funding agency: National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013

Project number: 365463

Project duration: 10 May 2012 – 31 December 2013

Project carrier: Clinic of Social and Family medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete

Principal Investigator (P.I.): Christos Lionis, Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care

Co-PIs: Tzanakis Nikolaos, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine
                 Frangiadakis Yiannis, Information Technology Director

Project Manager: Vasilaki Irene

Reseach Team: (in alphabetical order)

Anastasiou Fotini,

Antonopoulou Maria,

Argyriadou Stella,

Batikas Antonis,

Chatzea Vassiliki-Irene,

Chranioti Ioanna,

Dislian Valentina,

Georgopoulou Anthie,

Gkionis Ioannis,

Igglezakis George,

Karageorgou Demetra,

Karotsis Antonis,

Karpathiotaki Thiresia,

Koutis Antonis,

Koutouxidou Elisavet,

Lentzas Ioannis,

Lintovoi Eleftheria,

Lionakis Stylianos,

Mantzouranis George,

Mavrogiannaki Marina,

Michalaki Irene,

Moutzouri Meropi,

Oikonomidou Irene,

Pantelidakis Heracles,

Papadaki Maria,

Papadaki Marina,

Papalexandris Stylianos,

Polyzos Nikolaos,

Prokopiadou Demetra,

Tatsi Chrisanthi,

Thireos Eleftherios,

Tsakountakis Nikolaos,

Tsiligianni Ioanna,

Symenonidis Athanasios,

Vasilaki Irene,

Vasilopoulous Theodoros,

Volikou Antigoni.


Overall aim: to develop 13 guidelines in General Practice and Nursing regarding management of the most common chronic  diseases through  the application of a specific   methodology, tested and  developed by the Department of Social and Family Medicine, University of Crete in a  previous INTERREG project. This includes identification of evidence-based guidelines, published by several organizations and disseminated worldwide, including the websites of the European College for General Practice/Family Medicine (GP/FM).

Goal: to issue, for the first time in Greece, national clinical guidelines and recommendations for best practice, with the approval of WONCA Europe Groups, such as the following:

  • ESPCG (European Society Primary Care Gastroenterology)
  • IPCRG (International Primary Care Respiratory Group)
  • EPCCS (European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society)
  • WONCA Working Party on Mental Health and
  • EUROPREV (European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice).
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