Dr Christos Lionis, MD, PhD, FRCGP:


Name:                Christos Lionis, MD, PhD, FRCGP (Hon) Professor of

                           General Practice and Primary Health Care

Contact details:  Clinic of Social and Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,

                           University of Crete, Voutes, Heraklion

                           PO Box 2208 71003 Crete, Greece

Telephone:         +30 2810 394621

Fax:                    +30 2810 394606

E-mail:                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Brief Curriculum Vitae:


Christos Lionis graduated from the University of Athens Medical School in 1979. He also holds a PhD from the University of Crete entitled: ‘An educational intervention in junior high school students for the prevention of coronary heart disease’.


Since  1995  Christos  Lionis  has  worked  at  the  University  of  Crete  Medical  School, where  he  is  Professor  and  Director  of  the  Clinic  of  Social  and  Family  Medicine. With  a  passion  for  the  importance  and  the  value  of  Family  Medicine,  Christos  is actively involved in the development of Primary Care and General Practice in Greece. He currently co-ordinates a thriving GP research network on rural Crete, and is also responsible for the supervision of a number of PhD students.

Previous to his employment at the University of Crete, Christos worked for 9 years as Manager  and  Medical  Director  of  Spili  Health  Centre,  obtaining  experience  as  a clinician and researcher in the field of Primary Health Care and General Practice.

From 2001 to 2004 Christos held the title of Deputy General Director of the Regional Health and Welfare system of Crete, a planning and regulatory body forming part of the  Greek  National  Health  Service  with  responsibility  for  overseeing  all  health  and welfare  services.  He  was  elected  as  Professor  of  General  Practice  and  Primary Health  Care  at  the  School  of  Medicine,  University  of  Crete,  Greece  at  the  end  of 2009.

Since  2009,  Christos  has  co-ordinated  the  Primary  Health  Care  Unit  at  the Municipality  of  Heraklion,  a  shared  initiative  with  the  University  Hospital  and  the Municipality of Heraklion. This facility offers medical care and assistance to socio economic deprived individuals, with a specific focus on chronic disorders. Christos is also  the  current  Director  of  a  Master  in  General  Practice  and  Primary  Care  at  the School of Medicine, University of Crete.

Research interests
The  Clinic  of  Social  and  Family  Medicine  undertakes  a  number  of  experimental studies  and  research  projects,  with  a  particular  emphasis  on  multidisciplinary approaches  to  health  care,  and  consideration  of  social  and  psychological  factors affecting health. Christos’ key research activities and interest focus on:

  •  primary health care and family medicine
  •  quality  management,  and  the  formulation  of  guidelines  for  management  of
  • common disease and chronic conditions
  •  factors contributing to cardiovascular disease
  •  gastroenterology
  •  mental health
  •  compassionate healthcare


His additional fields of expertise comprise of: 

  •  needs assessment
  •  morbidity in general practice
  •  diagnostic studies and probability
  •  health care research methodology
  •  quality in primary care

Christos and his research team at the University of Crete are also involved in four FP7 European  funded  projects  (one  as  coordinator)  which  are  currently  in  progress,  and consist  of  the  following:    ‘OTC  SOCIOMED’  -  ‘Assessing  The  Over-The-Counter Medications in Primary Care and Translating The Theory of Planned Behaviour into Interventions’;    ‘RESTORE’  -  ‘Better  understanding  of  dissemination  and implementation  strategies’;  ‘TRANSFORM’  –  ‘Translational  Medicine  and  Patient Safety in Europe’;  and  ‘EU-WISE’  –  ‘Self-care Support for People with Long Term Conditions, Diabetes and Heart Disease: A Whole System Approach’.


Editorial and International Work

Christos  is  involved  in  an  editorial  and  advisory  capacity  with  a  number  of international  journals,  including:  International  Journal  of  Rural  and  Remote  Health (Editor  in  Chief  of  European  Section),  Family  Practice  (Associate  Editor);  BMC Family Medicine (Section Editor); Quality in Primary Care and International  Journal of  Mental  Health  in  Family  Medicine  (Editorial  Board);  Global  Journal  of  Health Science (Editorial Board);  Primary Health Care (Editorial Board);  The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology (Editorial Board); Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health  (Editorial Board);  Diseases  (Editorial Board);  the  International Journal of  Medicine  (Editorial  Board);  Open  Access  Publishing  London  (Advisory  Board); Cyprus  Health  Journal  (Advisory  Board)  and  Turkiye  Klinikleri  Journals  (Advisory Board)  and many other  journals  as  members of the Editorial Board.  Christos has  also been recently appointed as co-editor in chief of the Journal of Compassionate Care, an independent Journal affiliated with the BMC Series.

Christos  is a member of  the  Executive Boards  of various professional organisations including:  the  European  Society  for  Primary  Care  Gastroenterology  (ESPCG);  the European  Primary  Care  Cardiology  Society  (EPCCS);  WONCA  Working  Party  on Research;  WONCA  Working  Party  on  Mental  Health,  and  the  European  Rural  and Isolated  Practitioners  Association  (EURIPA)  where  he  is  acting  as  chairman  of  the International  Advisory  Board.   Christos  is  also  the  current  chairman  of  the International  Federation  of  Practice  based  Research  Network  (IFPCRN).    He  was elected to the  Executive Board of the European  Society of General Practice/Family Medicine  (WONCA)  Europe  in  2003  and  vice  chairman  of  the  European  General Practice Research Network in 2004.

Christos has collaborated with, and developed  valuable affiliations via collaborative European/research  projects  with  institutions  and  Medical  Universities  in  the  UK, (Kings College London, University of Glasgow, University of Liverpool, University of  Manchester  and  Guys  and  St  Thomas  Hospital),  in  the  Netherlands  (Radbound University Nijmegen and Leiden University) as well as various other Universities and Networks  in  European  countries  including  France,  Cyprus,  Malta,  Austria  and  the Czech Republic. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of General  Practitioners  (RCGP)  London,  in  May  2009.  In  addition,  he  regularly collaborates with various other countries including Sweden (where he spent 6 months at  the  Health  Sciences  School,  Linköping  University  as  a  guest  professor  and researcher)  and  Turkey  in  the  framework  of  Erasmus  staff  and  students  exchange programmes.


Christos has published a number of papers in international and Greek journals.

Brief Curriculum Vitae(pdf)



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