Practice Based Research Network in Primary Care



Research NetworkThe Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (CSFM) has developed its research activities in close collaboration with GPs serving primary health care centres or individual practices on the island of Crete. A previous lack of networking and integration within the Greek setting, inspired the creation of a General Practice based research network to facilitate research and enhance capacity. The Cretan Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) under the current name: “G. Lamprakis”, was established in July 2006 by the CSFM and a number of Primary Care Practices served by GPs with a specific interest in research in primary care and general practice. Upon its establishment, the PBRN was endorsed by the 7th Health Region of Crete and it currently consists of 18 GPs working in Primary Health Care (PHC) settings. Of these practitioners, 15 work within the public healthcare system, two operate from private practices in Chania, and one is based at the primary care unit of Heraklion. The latter is a joint project between the Medical Faculty and the Municipality of Heraklion, developed to provide health care services to individuals who are financially deprived.

The Practice-Based Research Network is the first network in Greece to bring together University research activities and Primary Health Care Practice, introducing an innovative way to promote General Practice across the Country. It is also the first network to embrace both public and private GP practices. The network contributes to research activity, doctors' training, and quality of care in primary health care and general medicine on Crete. Its overall goal is to provide a quality service to meet the health needs of the local population.PBRN members meet monthly and are involved in writing, submitting and implementing studies in collaboration with CSFM.


PBRN objectives include:

1. The systematic amelioration of healthcare services provided by network members

2. Development of disease prevention programs

3. Focus on primary health care and rehabilitation 

PBRN is also involved in the following:

1. Development of a database on selected common diseases and clinical contribution in primary health care

2.Design and implementation of cross-sectional studies that address the burden and epidemiology of chronic illness in the local population

3. Participation in national and European collaborative research programs diabetes (EUCCLID study)

4. Participation in dissertations of MSc and PhD students who conduct their studies under CSFM supervision

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