Doctor-Patient Relationship



Syllabus Outline


Course title: Doctor-Patient Relationship

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Faculty in charge: Professor Christos Lionis

Course code: 1.7

Type of course: Elective

Level of course: Elementary

Year of study: First

Semester: Autumn

Number of credits (ECTS): 2


Course objectives:

1) To familiarize medical students with concepts and theories concerning doctor-patient relationships.

2) To provide practical guidelines for an effective doctor-patient communication.

3) To To gain experience in promoting patient satisfaction and improving therapeutic interaction.

Prerequisites: None


Course contents:

  • Factors affecting a successful doctor-patient relationship
  • Definition of sickness, illness, disease (anthropological and sociological perspectives)
  • Illness behavior: conceptual models
  • Before the office visit: patients' attitudes/beliefs and expectations
  • Verbal and non-verbal techniques for an effective doctor-patient communication
  • The office visit and clinical examination; the role of GP, factors leading to patient dissatisfaction
  • Patient rights and physician obligations
  • Clinical decision making; patient and family involvement 


Recommended reading: Course notes & lecture slides (available on website)

Teaching methods: lectures, seminars, role playing, vignettes

Assessment methods: written and oral examination

Lecturers:  L. Chatzi, E. Iatraki, A. Koutis, C. Lionis, A. Markaki, G. Markakis

Language of instruction: Greek

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