Introduction to evidence-based medicine and clinical decision analysis



Syllabus Outline



Course title: Introduction to Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Decision Analysis 

Website (for UoC members only):

Faculty in charge: Professor C. Lionis, 


Course code: 4.15 Type of course: Elective Level of course: Elementary
Year of study: Fourth Semester: Spring Number of credits (ECTS): 2


Course objectives: 

• Familiarize students with stages of clinical decision analysis and decision making according to evidence-based approach
• Practice students in the 5 stages of evidence – based approach, submission of clinical questions and answering based on existing literature


Prerequisites: As specified in the Faculty of Medicine Bulletin

Course content:

• Introducing evidence-based medicine in undergraduate studies throughout Greece: necessity and importance
• The five stages of evidence-based practice and defining a clinical question
• Systematic literature search in evidence-based medicine (EBM)
• Literature appraisal
• Clinical guidelines: overview, concepts, definitions, evaluation of quality, methodology
• Implementation of EBM in clinical settings


Recommended reading: as posted in the course website

Teaching methods: 1st lecture in class and then online course

Assessment methods: clinical scenarios to be answered online

Language of instruction: Greek (reading material mostly in English)

Last update: 29/3/2016

Wednesday the 7th.
Ανάπτυξη: Φιολιτάκης Εμμανουήλ

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