Clinical Practice in Primary Health Care (PHC)



Syllabus Outline


Course title: Clinical Practice in Primary Health Care (PHC) 

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Faculty in charge: Professor A. Philalithis & Professor C. Lionis, 

Instructors: A. Koutis, A. Markaki, E. Markatzi, K. Sarri and participating clinical site instructors

Course code: CC-PHC Type of course: Compulsory Level of course: Advanced
Year of study: Sixth Semester: Autumn or Spring Duration: 4 weeks Number of credits (ECTS): 7.0


Course objectives:

Sixth-year medical students are expected to:

1) Identify and manage the most common chronic diseases or frequent conditions encountered in primary health care settings

2) Exhibit professional inter-personal communication skills and establish therapeutic relationships with patients and their families or caregivers

3) Become familiar with the methodology of health needs assessment

4) Become familiar with the interdisciplinary patient-centered approach


Prerequisites: As specified in the Faculty of Medicine Bulletin

Course content:

  • Diagnosis, therapy and management of the most frequently encountered reasons for visiting a PHC setting – Management of multi-morbidity
  • Health promotion and disease prevention services
  • Psychosocial determinants affecting the health status of PHC patients and their families
  • Urgent cases presenting in PHC settings
  • Interdisciplinary team-working
  • Use of a holistic, integrative approach to conduct a group case-study
Recommended reading: J. Murtagh “General Practice”, editor Paschalidis, Athens 2002 [Greek version]

Teaching methods: Interdisciplinary seminars, clinical skill demonstration, hands-on field training, study groups

Assessment methods: Written and/or oral examination, clinical skills assessment, case study report

Language of instruction: Greek

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